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Less Can be More, Thanks to Modular Content Strategy

Modular content strategy
Oct 13 th 2020 Chiara Triulzi - Strategic Content Lead

As the ancient Greeks used to say, Panta Rhei - everything flows. The world changes relentlessly, and in the modern business of marketing this necessitates constant adjustment, refinement, and attunement to grab the attention of audiences that are continuously bombarded with content.   

Impactful content that stands out from the crowd is key to the success of a campaign, but can we leverage its full potential with limited resources, time, and attention spans? The secret is to ensure that the target audiences can access it with ease, from their platform of choice, and with consistent messaging that clearly drives the point home. 

An omnichannel strategy supported by agile, modular assets allows exactly that and is increasingly embraced by our clients, who favour bite-sized fragments that can be easily used in isolation or combined and consumed via multiple outlets. In the ever more digital world of communication, this approach integrates seamlessly with CRMs such as Veeva, and supports an effective implementation of AI solutions that both streamline and sharpen interactions with customers.

Our multidisciplinary teams of medical writers, copywriters, data visualisation experts, designers and digital strategists are already embracing this new way of working with numerous clients. Hence, the concept of integrating and streamlining content is in the project mindset from the outset.  

The benefits of this strategy are multifaceted. First and most evidently, it ensures consistency in messaging and in look and feel, which is key to information recall and brand recognition. This builds a strong identity that stands out from the crowd and promotes a solid, clear brand voice, fostering a sense of familiarity and encouraging both adoption and promotion. In the background, it leads to greater flexibility and enhanced responsiveness, allowing to promptly refine communications based on customer and patient feedback. And last but not least, it gives our clients  the opportunity to save precious pots of money that can be shrewdly reallocated to accomplish more with a wider reach.  

Our versatile approach not only grabs the attention of target audiences, but keeps them engaged, and can convert interest into advocacy, ultimately benefitting both medical and patient communities alike. 

Consider adding modular content in your strategy

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