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Getting Back to Nature

Mental health awareness week 2021
May 14 th 2021 Stephanie Constantinidis, HR Assistant, AS&K 

The AS&K team has been reaping the mental health benefits of the great outdoors

The 10–16 May is Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, and this year’s theme is ‘Nature.’

It’s no secret that being cut-off from our previous lives and shut inside through many months of lockdown has had an impact on our mental health during this pandemic. But while shops, offices, gyms, and restaurants closed, there was one retreat that stayed faithfully open – the great outdoors.

The Mental Health Foundation’s research on the impact of the pandemic on mental health showed that going for walks outside was one of our top coping strategies – 45% of us reported that being in green spaces had been vital for our mental health. Whether that ‘green space’ was sprawling countryside or a small public square in the city, Nature has certainly provided us with a reliable refuge from the ramifications of spending so much time living and looking inward.

At AS&K, we are proud to have a robust mental health support programme, and flexibility is a key component of this – allowing us to take time out for ourselves throughout the day (fresh air encouraged!). We know that when screen fatigue starts to creep in, a walk may be exactly what the doctor ordered. After all, much like getting enough sleep and eating 5 a day, fresh air will do you good – and we’re living proof!

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